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CBD Pet Tincture – Full Spectrum Oil for Dogs and Cats – 250mg-1000mg – By Vet CBD


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Full Spectrum Oil for Dogs and Cats – 250mg-1000mg – By Vet CBD

250mg Tincture Details:
250 mg Tincture is a great starter size and for use in smaller pets, up to 25 lbs. A meticulously formulated product tailored to small pets weighing up to 25lbs. This gentle concentration of 8.3mg CBD per ml ensures a perfect fit for your furry friend. VetCBD Hemp is a carefully crafted, full-spectrum blend that offers natural support for your pet’s overall health. Whether they need calming support, enhanced mobility, or assistance with brain and GI health, our starter size bottle provides a convenient option for as-needed use.

500mg Tincture Details:
500 mg Tincture for dogs and cats is a premium product specially designed for medium-sized pets in multi-pet households. This formula contains 500mg of full-spectrum hemp extract, with a concentration of 8.3mg CBD/ml, ensuring your pets receive optimal benefits. VetCBD Hemp supports their mobility, calming needs, as well as gastrointestinal and brain health. Whether used daily or for long-term support, our high-quality hemp extract works harmoniously with their body, promoting overall wellness. VetCBD Hemp is the perfect addition to your pets’ routine, providing natural support for their active and balanced lifestyle.

1000mg Tincture Details:
1000 mg Tincture is the best CBD for dogs and cats daily and long term use, multi-pet household, and large to giant breeds. VetCBD Hemp, the perfect solution for large and giant breed pets or multi-pet households. This product features a potent 1000mg concentration of full-spectrum hemp extract, meticulously formulated to provide exceptional support for your beloved companions. Whether you’re looking for a daily supplement or a long-term solution, VetCBD Hemp is designed to meet their unique needs. Its comprehensive blend of natural compounds nurtures their overall well-being, promoting calmness, mobility, and optimal health.

Warning: May cause psychotropic effect. Not intended for use by those under the age of 21.

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1oz - 250mg

1oz – 250mg

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2oz – 500mg

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2oz – 1000mg

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