Bacon Flavored CBD For Dogs

Bacon Flavored CBD For Dogs

New Product – Bacon Flavored CBD Tincture

Dogs love bacon and we decided to add all-natural bacon flavoring to a CBD tincture made from our organic hemp. This tincture was created just for dogs.

Top ten reasons to give your dog bacon-flavored CBD tincture:

  1. Your dog has anxiety.
  2. Your dog chews on shoes, furniture, or basically anything that is not his toy.
  3. Your dogs bark at everything and bark at night blindly.
  4. Your dog is in pain from an injury or stomach issue.
  5. Your dog is hiding under the bed or in the closet.
  6. Your dog is aggressive when friends and family come over
  7. Your dog gets squeamish when you leave and gets into trouble.
  8. Your dog seems to have issues going to the bathroom outside, being scared of going into the backyard.
  9. Your dog is having trouble adjusting to another pet that recently entered the family dynamic.

Your dog hates to travel in the car, on a plane, or be placed in a crate.

The common thread between all the top 10 reasons, is these are all possible outcomes from having a dog that is stressed out or suffers from a type of canine PTSD. Dogs are very malleable, and the strangest things can start to persuade them that something is bad or is stressful. For example, a pup at a young age could try to use the restroom in the backyard and a noisy neighbor, a car honk or loud bang can set them down a path that creates non-desirable habits. Dogs learn with association and emotion. CBD will calm the emotion so the association can be more effective.

Using CBD can help to reduce anxiety, getting them on track to face their stress and reset their doggy fears. CBD essentially calms them down, so they can rationally process their surroundings. Dogs need reassurance to break bad habits and develop healthier patterns.

To do this, start by giving your dog CBD daily or before they are going to be in a stressful situation. It is critical to provide CBD to your pet prior to the occurrence to target their underlying anxiety. Or as soon as you notice that change in behavior.


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Bacon Flavored CBD For Dogs

Bacon Flavored CBD For Dogs

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