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CBD Oil for Pets – Proleve


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CBD Oil for Pets – Proleve

You love your pet. You really do. But man, if he tears up the toilet paper roll or pulls the fluff out of another sofa cushion one more time… it’s time to take action to help alleviate your furry friend’s stress, and help maintain the order of your household. You know he suffers when you’re gone for 8-10 hours a day for work, but there hasn’t seemed to be anything that helps! Leaving the TV on so he thinks he’s not alone, having the neighbor drop in to scratch behind his ears once a day…nothing. And speaking of scratching, you feel awful every time you have to stick the “cone of shame” on him to combat his incessant scratching of that one irritated spot. There has to be a safe, natural way to improve your pupper’s quality of life!

Say hello to Proleve’s CBD Pet Tincture! In 500mg potency, this convenient tincture comes in a dropper bottle to easily measure your pet’s serving size. Made from Proleve’s signature hemp-derived CBD and coconut MCT oil… and nothing else. You can’t get purer than that! Using a CO2 extraction process, Proleve’s hemp oil is then lab tested for purity and quality. Always THC, pesticide, and gluten free, this non-GMO, organic CBD works with your pet’s endocannabinoid system to target his worst days and turn them sunny side up.

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Warning: May cause psychotropic effect. Not intended for use by those under the age of 21.

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